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Ecosystem Mapping

From an individual organization to a larger system of change, your work is part of an ecosystem — a dynamic network of interdependent parts that are “living” (people) and “nonliving” (services, resources). Understanding where you fit can empower you to make strategic decisions, adapt to change, and identify partners to strengthen your work. Parlay’s mapping process helps you generate and harness newfound knowledge of your ecosystem at any level.

Mapping your ecosystem can help you...

See connections more clearly to maximize your potential.


An Ecosystem Map is only as strong as the data behind it. Depending on your goals, Parlay recommends an approach and helps facilitate data collection to gather the information. With the right combination of data, you can not only see potential but feel equipped to act on that potential.

You can use data you already have, such as a database of contacts, for quick inventory of people, services or resources. Or collect additional data through more interactive approaches to form new connections.

Case Study: Building Healthy Futures in Omaha

Parlay is proud to have partnered with Omaha Community Foundation's Building Healthy Futures fund to map child and adolescent health resources across the Omaha metro. This map depicts both the breadth of resources available as well as the connections between them, which is a visual springboard to encourage partnerships and expand use of resources.

Interact with their map on a computer or tablet to experience how it helps the Building Healthy Futures fund see connections more clearly.

Seeing this on your phone? 

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