Our Values

We believe in...


Continually improving individuals, companies, and ourselves for the betterment of our shared community.

Curiosity & Being Challenged

Often, we hear others say to us, "that's a great question" because of the gentle pushes we cannot help but to ask.



 It is important to

take your current

outcomes and parlay

them into the results

you desire to



 Often being humble

in the hard work it

takes to get there.

Energy & Excitement

With every person

or organization, with whom we

work, we get

excited about the

potential that they

can achieve.

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Beth Morrissette 

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  Beth has worked in the nonprofit sector for almost 25 years.  She is experienced in the full continuum of job responsibilities from Nonprofit Executive Director to Nonprofit Board member to an elected official. As an Executive Director, she helped lead a collective impact organization successfully build partnerships across multiple nonprofits organizations and government entities. Currently, she serves on the Board of Education for Westside Community Schools and served on the Board of Directors for a large nonprofit organization with a budget over $24 million.  She specializes in building organizational capacity through board governance, strategic planning, and implementation coaching. She is a skilled facilitator of small and large groups.


Valerie Calderon 
Director of Strategy & Capacity Building

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Valerie specializes in strategic planning and the design and implementation of programs aimed at improving organizational outcomes and helping leaders to create thriving places to learn, serve and work. She has worked more than 13 years as a senior organizational consultant and account lead, directing internal and client teams in program design and implementation. She has led employee engagement and change management initiatives, as well as numerous nationally representative studies for public release. Valerie is in her tenth year of service as an elected member of the Bennington Public Schools Board of Education.

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Kay Doyle
Director of Coaching & Change Management

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Kay is passionate about bringing people and ideas together to solve complex challenges, informed by more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, public relations, investor relations, finance, and accounting. Leaning on her strength as a strategic thinker, Kay brings theory and practice together with an eye on organizational and leadership development to enhance outcomes and achieve sustainable change. She is a certified executive coach and graduate from Northwestern University with a Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change. She is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for Duchesne Academy and United Way of the Midlands Community Impact Cabinet.

Meet The Team


Tracie Reding
Director of Research
& Design

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Tracie comes to Parlay from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where she worked as the Senior Community Service Associate. Her role entailed numerous responsibilities including leading and assisting various large grant-funded research and evaluation projects across campus, as well as serving as the liaison, communication, and organizational specialist for outreach efforts and initiatives between various departments on UNO’s campus, area school districts, nonprofits, and businesses. The primary focus of her research centers around the contributing factors and outcomes of interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder networks to strategically collaborate and maximize efficiency of initiatives. Tracie is in her sixth year of service as a research consultant for the Omaha STEM Ecosystem as well serving on the steering committee for the past three years. She was a founding board member for the nonprofit All Betty’s Children and continues to serve on the board today. 

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Alissa Sutton
Senior Research &
Evaluation Manager

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Alissa is a skilled researcher, with more than seven years of experience conducting and supporting research. Alissa is formally trained in public health and has worked for a diverse group of service organizations both domestically and abroad. Most recently Alissa worked for a local foundation where she led internal research projects and provided oversight to external evaluations commissioned to inform foundation grantmaking. Alissa has a passion for helping partners identify the right questions to assess and improve their work. She has developed a wide range of skills to help answer those questions and is always excited to learn and apply new research methods when needed. A self-described “data nerd,” Alissa appreciates both quantitative and qualitative research. When not at work, she can most often be found cooking or growing food in the kitchen and garden, often with help from her husband and two young children.  

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Stephanie Wenz

Project Coordinator

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Stephanie recently joined Parlay with 10+ years’ experience working with marketing, sales & communication. She developed this skillset as a liaison with physicians and social workers within the home health care and senior services industries. She believes in building trust and dependability is critical to all client relationships. This skillset has leveraged her to take on the important role of Project Coordinator to ensure key objectives and deliverables are met to each client. Stephanie’s role focuses on walking our clients through the Strategic Planning process from beginning to end, keeping in mind the importance of organization, project timeline and communication. Outside the office, Stephanie is a busy mom to three girls. Her top five Gallup Strengths are: Consistency, Woo, Communication, Significance and Harmony..

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Tracy Lammers
Operations & Brand Manager

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Tracy is a utility player, both for Parlay and our clients. She helps shape company infrastructure, offerings and culture to ensure operational efficiency, high-quality service and capacity for growth. With a broad range of 15+ years working across nonprofit, government, media, corporate and startup sectors, she is uniquely positioned to relate to Parlay’s range of clients. She works on continuous quality improvement: to identify areas of need, collaborate to generate ideas, create and execute solutions, then evaluate for success in order to evolve the organizational promise. Between toddler-chasing and a traveling spouse, Tracy loves exploring new places on two wheels as an avid social cyclist. 

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Jeffry Morrissette
Information & Cybersecurity Consultant

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Jeffry has developed his career in Information Technology, Information Security and Cyber Security for over 15 years.  He has experience in systems administration, security risk analysis, regulatory compliance, system, information and data security controls, vendor and other third-party risk management, and many other areas associated with physical & information security, compliance and privacy.  Jeffry’s work experience represents a range of business models including; local family business, State government, information security services provider, billing & payment transactions at an International company and a State-wide Insurance company. Jeffry’s expertise enables him to work with small to large organizations to determine their regulatory compliance, physical, information & cyber security risk areas.  Once an organization’s risk is identified, he can help develop meaningful plans to mitigate or remediate that risk and respond effectively in the event of a security or privacy incident.