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We have the know-how you need.

Achieve Your Desired Results

Strategy & Capacity Building
Research & Evaluation
Coaching & Change Management 

Parlay Consulting Firm has experience with non-profit organizations, government entities and for-profit companies.  We provide organizational development services based on your unique needs to achieve your desired results. Additionally, we are experienced in facilitating, designing and leading system change efforts.

Our Approach

Parlay Consulting Firm provides customizable organizational development services based on the unique needs of your Board of Directors, Leadership team and employees. We work with you to identify what your talents, resources and expertise are to parlay them into your desired results. With you, we design a strategic planning process that would best support your organization. We offer needs assessments, stakeholder surveys/interviews, strategic planning, implementation coaching, program evaluation, Board governance development, facilitation services and other services to build your company's capacity.

Creative Working

Identify Assets & Opportunities

When you’re in the day-to-day, it’s difficult to pause and really look at what you’re doing. Does it make sense? Is it working? What do others think?

Leverage Success & Potential

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When your organization needs a new direction, create alignment from the board room to the frontlines and momentum to move forward.

Build Desired Results

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When it’s time to prove progress, be able to demonstrate with confidence that your approach is achieving results.

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Parlay is experiencing an uptick in fraudulent inquiries appearing to be from real organizations. We take a very conservative approach to cybersecurity, but also want to ensure we are responsive to legitimate inquiries. If you have sent us an RFP and have not received a response, please connect with a team member directly.

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